Spaces: The Crypt, Open Air & Questors

The Crypt Gallery
Between the Sun and the Sea by Atlas Descending
Medusa by 27 Degrees

This week I supported two graduate shows from fellow course mates on the Advanced Theatre Practice course at the Crypt Gallery in Euston. Both productions made brilliant use of this dark, eerie, underground space, with its twisting tunnels and hidden alcoves, imaginatively lit by UV and regular torch light, fairy lights and candles, and filled with beautiful, atmospheric sound designs. Maybe it’s their semi-promenade nature, or maybe it’s knowing you’re sharing the space with several hundred coffins, but there is an uncertainty felt as both an audience member and an usher in both productions. Complete freedom to wander around the space is restricted at times, and loosely invited at others – something I wouldn’t have thought to explore in my practice before as it can feel awkward for a large group of spectators. It does give the audience some agency, however, and invites them as equals to explore such an unexpectedly fascinating venue. Good use of the entrance room as a bar.

Regent’s Open Air theatre
Jesus Christ Superstar

The show got rained off! Summer is truly over. But, what a cool theatre and exciting set. Note the band platform where I’m pretty sure the guitarist was warming up with a Beatles song or similar. Disappointed to have left the park with only a programme and a £6 cup of brandy hot chocolate (oh boy) but keeping an eye out for another show in better weather.

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The Questors Theatre
When The Rain Stops Falling

For the last few months I have been assisting with the movement direction of this brilliant Australian play by Andrew Bovell. Skipping between two continents and several generations, it is clever, dark, funny and absolutely heartbreaking. I can’t wait to see this fab cast pull it off on the awesome set in the Judi Dench Playhouse, encompassing the vastness of time and space, whilst allowing for the intimacy of the duologues which make up the majority of the play (the set designer is very clever… also there will be real rain, inside, on stage – what what what!)
Performances: 22-24th and 26-30th September.
You can get a ticket here.

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